The brand, TELA MELA, aims to be the global best selling natural mineral water produced and bottled out of a vast 14 acre in Lenggeng, Negeri Sembilan and 15 acre in Bentong, Pahang (Malaysia) site with plentiful natural mineral water resources in an environmentally friendly site surrounded by lush tropical rainforest greenery, away from pollution. We go to great lengths to look after our total vast 30-acres site of natural mineral water sources pure, clean-protected from anything that could potentially pollute and damage them.

We provide you the most comprehensive and qualified drinking water from the most complicated process like no others. The difficult part is making sure that nothing gets in nature’s way. Our dedicated research and hydrologist team has always looked forward to the new technology and water resources to enlarge our main goal to ‘Design for Healthy Pleasure’ towards global humanity. Our concern towards 29% of the world which does not have access to safe drinking water has brought Tela Mela to the vision and objective of producing exceptional unique mineral water distributed all around the world.

Our factory will be located in two states of Malaysia, namely Pahang and Negeri Sembilan, covering more than 40,000 square feet each state and had extensive investment in the last processing and automation equipment for all the production lines. Over 105 million bottles will be produced and supplied to the domestic markets every year, in the form of 500ml and 1000ml bottles. Not only were we supplied to the domestic market, but also exported a significant proportion overseas, namely India, China, Indonesia, Africa, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Korea, Japan.

Future Milestone Achievements

Tela Mela Mineral Water Standard

We at Tela Mela Sdn Bhd are committed to maintain high standards of quality mineral water. In line with this, we test our products not only daily at our in-house laboratories, but also regularly at a professional commercial laboratory for independent assessment.


At Tela Mela, we pride ourselves on one-of-a-kind mineral water that could bring new innovation of technology not only for pure classic drinking water but also evolving mineral water with herbs and fruit extraction. Through the use of remarkable innovation in technology, we manage to create a product which achieves the highest standards of excellence at the lowest expenses.

Total Coliforms ND(<1.8)
Fecal Coliforms ND(<1.8)
Temperature 23.9
Bicarbonate Alkalinity as CaCO 204
Carbonate Alkalinity as CaCO₃ ND(<0.5)
Total Alkalinity as CaCO₃ 204
Ammoniacal Nitrogen as N 0.0807
Cyanide as Cn ND(<0.01)
Dissolved Oxygen 5.95
Total Hardness as CaCO3 152
Phosphate as PO4 ND(<0.08)
Sulphate as SO4 0.791
Mercury as Hg ND(<0.0008)
Aluminium as Al 0.0130
Cadmium as Cd ND(<0.002)
Magnesium as Mg 0.974
Manganese as Mn 0.643
Potassium as K 3.00
Selenium as Se ND(<0.01)
Silver as Ag ND(<0.006)
pH @ 25°C 6.76
Turbidity 1.16
Chlordane ND(<0.00002)
Lindane / Gamma-Lindane ND(<0.00002)
Heptachlor Epoxide ND(<0.00002)
Methoxychlor ND(<0.00002)
(2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid) 1.16
Anionic Detergent as MBAS ND(<1.8)
Phenol ND(<0.001)
Oil and Grease ND(<0.5)
Silica as SiO₂ 30.3
Total solids 286
Total dissolved solids 286
Oil and Grease ND(<0.5)
Chloride as Cl ND(<0.001)
Fluoride as F 2.49
Nitrate Nitrogen as N 0.0349
Calcium as Ca 57.0
Chromium as Cr ND(<0.01)
Copper as Cu ND(<0.04)
Iron as Fe 0.160
Lead as Pb ND(<0.01)
Sodium as Na 18.3
Zinc as Zn 0.00600
Arsenic as As ND(<0.0005)
Colour ND(<5)
Conductivity 382
Mineral Oil ND(<0.1)
Aldrin ND(<0.00002)
Dieldrin ND(<0.00002)
Heptachlor ND(<0.00002)
Hexachlorobenzene ND(<0.00001)
pp-DDT ND(<0.00002)
Total ColiformsND(<1.8)
Fecal ColiformsND(<1.8)
Bicarbonate Alkalinity as CaCO166
Carbonate Alkalinity as CaCO₃ND(<0.5)
Total Alkalinity as CaCO₃166
Ammoniacal Nitrogen as N0.0853
Cyanide as CnND(<0.01)
Dissolved Oxygen3.30
Total Hardness as CaCO3130
Anionic Detergent as MBASND(<0.01)
Oil and GreaseND(<0.5)
Silica as SiO₂29.4
Total solids258
Total dissolved solids258
Chloride as Cl1.36
Fluoride as F1.79
Nitrate Nitrogen as N0.0671
Mineral OilND(<0.1)
(2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid)1.16
Sulphate as SO40.882
Mercury as HgND(<0.001)
Aliminium as AI0.0240
Cadmium as CdND(<0.002)
Calcium as Ca49.1
Chronium as CrND(<0.01)
Copper as CuND(<0.004)
Iron as Fe 0.0250
Lead as PbND(<0.01)
Magnesium as Mg0.691
Manganese as Mn0.521
Potassium as K3.00
Selenium as SeND(<0.01)
Silver as AgND(<0.006)
Sodium as Na14.7
Zinc as ZnND(<0.006)
Arsenic as AsND(<0.0005)
pH @ 25C6.44
Lindane/Gamma LindaneND(<0.00002)
Heptachlor EpoxideND(<0.00002)
Total Dissolved Solid (TDS)272
ColorND (<5)
Iron (Fe)2.05
Manganese (Mn)0.120
Calcium (Ca)102
Sodium (Na)3.03
Potassium (K)0.220
Magnesium (Mg)3.77
Chloride (Cl)0.917
Sulphate (SO4)3.64
Nitrate (NO3-)0.234
Nitrite (NO2-)ND (<0.02)
Hardness (CaCO3)194
Zinc (Zn)0.007
Arsenic (As)ND (<0.0005)
Lead (Pb)ND (<0.01)
Fluoride (F)0.0452
Mercury (Hg)ND (<0.0008)
Mineral OilND (<0.1)
ChlordaneND (<0.00002)
Sulphide (H2S)ND (<0.01)
Barium (Ba)0.014
Silica (SiO2)8.70
Boron (B)ND (<0.1)
Cadmium (Cd)ND (<0.002)
Chromium (Cr)ND (<0.01)/td>
Copper as CuND(<0.004)
Cyanide (Cn)ND (<0.01)
Nickel (Ni)0.033
Selenium (Se)0.0270
Silver (Ag)ND (<0.006)
PhenolND (<0.001)
2,4-DND (<0.01)
DDTND (<0.00002)
ChlordaneND (<0.00002)
LindaneND (<0.00002)
HexachlorobenzeneND (<0.00001)
Heptachlor & Heptachlor EpoxideND (<0.00002)
MethoxychlorND (<0.00002)
Nitrate Nitrogen (N)0.0528
Ammonia (N)0.0926
Anionic Detergent (MBAS)ND (<0.01)
Aldrin / DieldrinND (<0.00002)
Aluminium (Al)0.0890
Total Dissolved Solid (TDS)283
ColorND (<5)
Iron (Fe)1.04
Manganese (Mn)0.123
Calcium (Ca)99.9
Sodium (Na)1.94
Potassium (K)0.202
Magnesium (Mg)1.98
Chloride (Cl)0.767
Sulphate (SO4)1.47
Nitrate (NO3-)0.197
Nitrite (NO2-)ND (<0.02)
Hardness (CaCO3)229
Zinc (Zn)0.01
Arsenic (As)0.002
Lead (Pb)ND (<0.01)
Fluoride (F)0.0388
Mercury (Hg)ND (<0.0008)
Mineral OilND (<0.1)
Anionic Detergent (MBAS)ND (<0.01)
Sulphide (H2S)ND (<0.01)
Barium (Ba)0.013
Silica (SiO2)10.1
Boron (B)ND (<0.1)
Cadmium (Cd)ND (<0.002)
Chromium (Cr)ND (<0.01)
Copper (Cu)ND (<0.004)
Cyanide (Cn)ND (<0.01)
Nickel (Ni)0.006
Selenium (Se)ND (<0.006)
Silver (Ag)ND (<0.01)
PhenolND (<0.001)
2,4-DND (<0.01)
ChlordaneND (<0.00002)
LindaneND (<0.00002)
HexachlorobenzeneND (<0.00001)
Heptachlor & Heptachlor EpoxideND (<0.00002)
MethoxychlorND (<0.00002)
Nitrate Nitrogen (N)0.0445
Total ColiformND (<1.1)
Escherichia coliND (<1.1)

The Water Facts

Water is a natural gift given to us by nature. The importance of drinking water for our bodies is paramount to our health, because it makes up to 70 percent of our bodies’ weight. There are four fulfilling benefits of drinking water to our bodies, such as:

Help speed up our metabolisms, makes our skins healthier, lose our weight and stay alert!

WHat your body needs!

Zero Calories:

Drinking Water can help to prevent diabetes as water has zero calories, zero sugar and zero additive.

3 Litres:

A person must consume 2.5 – 3 litres of water per day from all sources (drinking and eating) to maintain health.

9 Days:

Water is absolutely essential to the human body’s survival. A person can live for about 45-65 days without food, but only 9-10days without water.

300 ML:

During pregnancy and lactation, fluid requirements are increased and women are encouraged to drink 300ml more to help prevent constipation.


Mineral water is water that contains a large quantity of dissolved minerals or gases. Mineral water from natural springs usually had a high content of calcium carbonate, magnesium sulfate, potassium, and sodium sulfate. It may also be permeated with gases like carbon dioxide or hydrogen sulfide.


Do you know, magnesium plays an important role in regulating blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and nerve function. Thus, mineral water rich in magnesium may help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. While calcium in mineral water could build healthy and strong bones and teeth. Large amounts of calcium, magnesium, and potassium, all of which promote blood circulation.

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